Prague comes to Alphabetti

Peter Lathan

A season of productions which were hits at the Prague Fringe are coming to Newcastle’s Alphabetti Theatre, thanks to new North East production company, whose formation we reported on in August, CaroleW Productions.

The season of five shows will run in November and December, and each company will be offering workshops for schools / students.

The shows are:

  • Tuesday 7 to Friday 10 November, 7:30
    Honky Bonk Theatre with CaroleW Productions
    The Establishment: Eton Mess

    Dan Lees and Neil Frost use clowning, quick wit and British stiff-lipped eccentricity to bring two ultra-privileged British gents from a bygone era to the stage. As they struggle to hold on to their values, wealth and power in the modern world, their whimsical world of cricket, tea and secret arms deals is under threat so they're not giving up that easily.

    Ticket prices: Tuesday - Pay What You Feel; Wednesday to Friday - £8 (£6 concessions)

  • Tuesday 21 to Friday 24 November, 7:30
    Tooth + Nail Theatre Company with CaroleW Productions

    A tale of love, murder & Americana, a story of how doomed love leads to complicity in murder. A physical theatre production that is acrobatic, delicate, often funny and underpinned by an awareness of love’s destructive potential. Like latter-day Macbeths, Ralph Conti and Edith Cole lead each other ever further into darkness along a path that ultimately leads to the electric chair.

    Ticket prices: Tuesday - Pay What You Feel; Wednesday to Friday - £8 (£6 concessions)

  • Tuesday 5 to Friday 8 December, 7:30
    Roisin Crowley Linton with CaroleW Productions
    Be More, Do Better But Don’t Change

    A blend of spoken word poetry, stand up and story-telling in which Roisin talks about love, Love with a capital L, how annoying Love is, and ultimately how much she wishes we could talk about anything else. Whilst we talk a whole lot about love, including all the tragic, sweaty and embarrassing parts, she asks, is it really so important at the end of the day?

    Ticket prices: Tuesday - Pay What You Feel; Wednesday to Friday - £8 (£6 concessions)

  • Wednesday 13 to Friday 15 December, 7:30
    Men With Coconuts with CaroleW Productions
    Improvised Bond

    A fully improvised Bond film. Expect villains, gadgets and femmes fatales galore.

    Ticket prices: Wednesday to Friday - £8 (£6 concessions)

  • Thursday 14 December, 9:30
    MC Hammersmith
    MC Hammersmith’s Magical Freestyle Factory

    MC Hammersmith (a.k.a. Will Naameh, the tall skinny one from Men With Coconuts) and friends present an hour of white people performing improvised hip hop comedy based on your suggestions.

    Ticket prices: £8 (£6 concessions) or £5 if you book to see Improvised Bond and MC Hammersmith’s Magical Freestyle Factory.