September to December at Dance City

Peter Lathan

Newcastle’s Dance City has announced its performance programme through to the end of the year, featuring work being created regionally and nationally. The season begins on 28 September at 6PM with a showcase of five new Dance City commissions and an appearance by Tin Arts, Dance Edits:

  • Robert Anderson - Them
    Inspired by the movement and social patterns of carnivorous animals and fictional creatures.
  • Alice Henry - Muse
    A physical exploration of the elite athlete’s physical and mental capacity, strength and weakness.
  • Ella Mesma - Foreign Bodies
    Exploring what it is to be a “citizen of the world”; themes around migration, immigration, body identity, trafficking and race.
  • Nicole Vivien Watson - Cold Colour
    Physically communicating the effects of colour and light on emotional and psychological responses through movement and choreography.
  • Patrick Ziza - Untitled
    In Central Africa true dandyism serves as something closer to a religion; a code of living.
  • George Williams - Wired
    From his bedroom George forges connections to all that is special to him: music, games, the world-wide web and more. His bedroom is the centre of a world where even everyday objects can become a playground. The line between entertainment and distraction has never been so blurred.
  • 5 October at 1:30PM (relaxed performance) and 6PM
    Anjali Dance Company

    Six dancers with learning disabilities perform Gary Clarke’s Beethoven, a humorous look at the extraordinary personal life and musical works of Ludwig van Beethoven, and Bloodsucker, Lea Anderson’s stylised, gently humorous exploration of the legend of the vampire Nosferatu and his depiction in film.

  • 7 October at 7:30PM
    A Midsummer Night’s Dream
    Ballet Wales

    A dance version of Shakespeare’s play performed to Mendelssohn's music.

  • Friday 13 October at 7:30PM
    Triple Bill
    Joss Arnott Dance

    Two new works—A Movement in 3 and RUSH—and an award-winning solo piece, V, are accompanied by live music.

  • 19 October at 7:30PM
    And All The Humans Will Be Eliminated
    State of Grace

    A further development of the piece which the BTG reviewed in March 2016 at Newcastle’s Discovery Museum.

  • 26 October, 1PM (relaxed performance) and 4PM
    The Magic Fish
    ATMA Dance

    A classic Indian tale retold through dance, storytelling and beatboxing for ages 5-9.

  • 3 November at 7:30PM

    Six performers use dance and acrobatics to delve deep into the human body, tracing the story of energy in our lives and interacting with digital projections.

  • 11 November at 7:30PM
    The North
    Joan Clevillé Dance

    Blending elements from dance, physical theatre and puppetry, The North is a bleak yet whimsical story of a young man’s journey in search for meaning in an unpredictable environment; a place with its own sense of time and space, where being lost is the norm and letting go is the only way to survive.

  • Thursday 30 November to Sunday 3 December at various times
    The Little Match Girl
    Arthur Pita Dance

    Based on Hans Christian Andersen’s classic story, this tale of an impoverished young street girl’s hopes and dreams is told through dance, song and original live music by Frank Moon.

    On an icy Christmas Eve, the Little Match Girl paces the emptying streets, shivering and desperate, trying to sell her matches. Cold, hungry and with just one final match flame to keep her warm, she sees a vision of her beloved grandmother, who guides her on a journey through the night sky to the moon, leaving her troubled life behind.

    For ages 5 – 11.