The Band brings Boro dancer back to the North East

Peter Lathan

Dance production The Band brings Middlesbrough-born dancer and choreographer Nathan Johnston to perform on his home territory at Stockton’s ARC on 29 March at 7PM.

Johnston attended Middlesbrough College and Janice Wilson's School of dance before training at the London Contemporary Dance School. Graduating in 2010, he started his professional career working with Punchdrunk and has since choreographed and performed internationally in Norway, Spain, Jordan and Canada as well as the UK.

Produced by Levantes Dance Theatre, The Band is the tragi-comic story of faded pop duo Sandy and Bruno, a couple united by desperate ambition and blind affection. Johnston teams up with Eleni Edipidi, Levantes Dance Theatre's joint artistic director, who collaborates with him for the first time on a full-scale touring production, to devise and perform this show, told using a mix of contemporary dance, physical comedy and acrobatics.

They are joined by Circus Consultant and Artistic Advisor Tina Koch (Ockham's Razor) and by Gopan Iyadurai who provides the visuals.

Sandy and Bruno met in the seventies and formed a band: she was fame hungry, he was doomed to follow her. But, like so many one-hit wonders, through time they've been cruelly forgotten; washed up on the scrapheap. Now, they are opening the skeleton cupboard, dusting off old costumes and preparing for a comeback. Is this their last chance for fame? This is a story about love, failure, illusion, drama, glitter and tenderness.