Philip Fisher

London Editor

[email protected]

Philip Fisher is the BTG's London editor and a member of the Critics' Circle Drama Section.

He started reviewing theatre at the Edinburgh Festival 2000. Since then, he has become a regular reviewer and writer on theatrical matters, primarily for the British Theatre Guide.

He has also worked on a freelance basis for a variety of other publications. He has also regularly contributed audio interviews to TheatreVOICE.

He has been published in a wide variety of other journals including the Western Mail, The Stage, The Jewish Chronicle and The Wisden Cricketer.

When not working as a theatre critic and commentator on a wide variety of issues for AccountingWEB, Philip spent 20 years as a tax Partner at various leading firms of accountants. In this guise, he has written numerous articles on taxation matters for a wide variety of publications including The Times as well as writing and contributing to several books.

He is now branching out into other areas of writing.



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Lord Lloyd Webber has announced that he will open Cinderella on 25 June, even if that means breaking the law and a potential prison sentence.